What Do You Want To Know About 7.8inch Flexible OLED?

When we talk about flexible OLEDs, it’s important to understand what that means exactly. A flexible OLED is based on a flexible substrate which can be either plastic, metal, or flexible glass. The plastic and metal panels will be light, thin, and very durable – in fact, they will be virtually shatter-proof. (oled-info)

The first range of devices that use flexible OLED displays are not really flexible from the user perspective. The device maker bends the displays, or curves it – but the final user is not able to actually bend the device. These first-gen flexible OLEDs are adopted many premium smartphones, for example the Samsung edge-type Galaxy phones or Apple’s iPhone X and Xs. Besides the beautiful designs, a flexible OLED has several advantages especially in mobile devices – the displays are lighter, thinner and more durable compared to glass based displays.

Second-generation flexible OLED displays can be bent by the user – these can be used for example to create foldable smartphones – the first range of which started shipping in 2019. Rollable OLEDs are also now entering the market for both TVs and smartphones.(OLED-info)

Recently, we have many customers send us inquiries regarding this 7.8inch flexible oled display. Due to flexible oled display is a new technology and they have some questions, i put them together in case you have the same questions.

Question One: Are you able to manufacture a flexible OLED display but in a Bigger size?

Answer: Currently, we have 5.99inch/6inch/7.8inch and 55inch splice flexible AMOLED display for sale. There are no 9inch/10inch flexible oled in the market. Due to the flexible technology is not stable and we recommend you to use the standard display which is in production. And if there any new product in the future, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Question Two: Is the display you manufactured waterproof?

Answer: All displays in the market are non-waterproof. Generally, customers will design their own enclosure to prevent the product from watering.

Question Three: How is the display controlled? Could it be controlled by Smartphone App, remotely or with a built-in button? 

Answer: Like the video, the display compatible with a capacitive touchscreen, and we have a USB cable and power supply cable to go with. You can download videos or anything you want through a USB cable and it is kind of like a Smartphone that you can control remotely by download the application from the App Store.

Question Four:  Can I use it out of the box to download and play videos with sound? Does it have USB and Bluetooth?

Answer: The box is the driver board which used to power on the display and it has an insert SD card that you can download and play videos with sound, and yes, it has a USB interface, you can connect to the PC. However, it does not include Bluetooth.

Question Five:  I received the 7.8inch flexible display in Chinese. Is there way to change the language to English.

Answer: For the Language change, please contact us and we have a language package which will help you change to the language you want.

7.8inch flexible displays can be used in many industries. Some of our customers use it for Luxury Bags, Shoes, Menu tables in restaurants…It all depends on your application. If you have more questions regarding this display, welcome to share with us or leave your comment.

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